E.46 - Why Emulating Your Heros Won’t Bring You Success - Jay Wong

May 9, 2017

 I brought Jay onto the show because he's amazing (I want to stop writing there and let you guys discover that for yourself but I'm not going to be a dick).

Jay has been immensely supportive on my journey. He is the executive producer and host of the Inner Changemaker Podcast.

In a little over 2 years, he's been able to start generating over $100,000 in revenue through his show and he recently sold his first business Toronto Internet Marketers.

I wanted Jay to share more about how he abandoned the 9 to 5 to discover his unique ability and what's allowed him to succeed. 

7 Things You'll Takeaway

- the importance of building a team around you @ 7:40
- How Jay discovered his unique ability @ 16:45
- What motivated Jay to go vagabonding and what Jay learned about himself in the process @ 30:40
- How learning Mandarin shifted Jay's life and what it taught him on a meta level @ 33:30
- The importance of running mini-experiments in your life @ 37:10
- Why emulating your heroes won't make you succeed @ 47:10
- The exercises that helped Jay figure how he was going to bring his unique gifts to the world @ 50:10
- And much, much more.

Connect with Jay

Inner ChangeMaker Podcast
JayWong TV

Mentioned in the Podcast

  • Debbie Millman interview on the Tim Ferriss Show - one of my favourite Tim Ferriss podcast episodes ever and it was also Tim Ferriss' all-time highly downloaded
  • Paul Lam - my brother from another mother. This man is making a dent in the universe by interviewing guests on his podcast The PathHunters and inspiring his tribe to pursue their path
  • Kolbe Index - we talk quite a bit about this throughout the episode. Tune in and you'll learn more.
  • Better Than Before - the book I'm reading currently. At first I was not a huge fan and now it's growing on me. A perfect example of peeling back the layers. We all have things that grow on us.
  • Gretchen Rubin - author of Better Than Before and the Happiness Project
  • Stickkk.com - how I get 95% of my goals done
  • Align and Accelerate - the online course I created that's complete badassry and can help you in crushing your goals
  • Dan Sullivan - one of Jay's first mentors
  • JuVan Langford - this man popped up during our conversation when we discussed clarity. Of course he would. This man is the master of it. You can hear my podcast with him here.
  • Phillip McKernan - this beauty popped in our conversation as Jay talks about how we always know - it's more about how clear are we? A lesson he learned from Phillip McKernan. My podcast with him here.
  • Calvin Simpson - Another beauty of a human being. You can listen to when I was on his show here.
  • Strategic Coach - where Jay got to learn from some of the best coaches in the world before heading off vagabonding in China to figure out how he was going to contribute his "unique ability" to the world
  • Artist's Way - Julia Cameron - the book that provided Jay with exercises during his vagabonding trip in China. We talk a fair bit about the brain dumping exercises he did while travelling which you can hear more about in the podcast
  • Jay's Time Square YouTube Video - at the end of the podcast we chat a bit about when Jay was featured at Dundas Square aka the Time Square of Toronto. You can check out the video here.



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