E.52 - To Podcast or Not Podcast - An Update

August 7, 2017

I've been contemplating what to do with my podcast for awhile... but for those of you that have been following it... you would have noticed I've taken my foot off the gas pedal.

Well in this episode I give you an update of where I'm at and what's going on with the podcast.

This episode is about 10 minutes long so give it a listen if you feel like getting an update from me.

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Also, in the episode I mention my personal email address which I've never done before. So if this podcast has in some way touched you or you want to say something reach out!

I can't post my whole email address on here because I will get spammed to eternity but I'll leave it for you in code.

My website is filipsierpinski.com and my email address is filip.mylastname@gmail.com. So basically if you replace the words "my last name" with my actual last name that I gave you in my website... then you can email me ;)

I look forward to hearing from you.

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E.51 - Listening to Your Inner Child - Adam Rubin

July 3, 2017

My guest on this episode is Adam Rubin co-founder of Renew. Renew is a non-profit that brings personal development and self-discovery to children and young adults.

The organisation has brought programs to over 1,500 people since being founded in 2013.

Adam has a Masters in Non-Profit Management and Leadership. He has worked run programs in Tanzania, Arizona and is launching next into Australia.

I brought Adam onto the show because I wanted him to share what he's found on the ground level from bringing personal development and self-discovery to kids. I wanted him to speak about the results they are finding and the impact this is having on kids lives.

The Walkaway - Find a Childhood Photo and Connect With Your Inner Child 

The biggest takeaway for me from my conversation with Adam was the importance of connecting with your inner child.

During the podcast Adam spoke about the impact Renew is having on kids. How self-development, self-love and self-discovery is having a positive impact on children. It's even improving their academic results.

Very few would anticipate that doing personal development work would have a positive impact academics but it does. Countless teachers have told Adam so.

Yet the impact Adam's work has goes much deeper than that.

"I had something horrible happen. I looked at myself as someone who wasn't worth anything. But now since you guys have come in. I see that I have more meaning. I can love myself who I am."

- Adam Rubin sharing about the impact Renew had on one girl's life

And this is why it's so important to tap into our inner child. When we tap into the innocence and purity of our childish heart we can begin to start to love ourselves. We begin to be kinder on ourselves. We can take off the pressure that we put on ourselves.


Nurturing this side of ourselves allows us to find an inner ease within ourselves and gain more confidence in ourselves. 

Adam suggests a few powerful questions throughout the podcast to assist connecting with your inner child:

- What part of yourself are you not loving yourself unconditionally?
- What emotional blocks are you carrying around?
- What work needs to be done to let go of these blocks?

Adam suggests finding an old childhood photo of yourself to assist with this process. A photo which you can intimately connect with and is a representation of who you were as a child (Ironically this strategy has come up in 2 podcasts in a row.)

This photo is a stepping stone to reconnect with your inner child. To say I'm here for you. I'm here for you in a big way. I may be up against a lot in my adult life but I'm not turning away from you again.

The 3 Step Process

During the podcast Adam suggests a three step process to reconnect with your inner child.

1) SURRENDERING - surrendering begins with acknowledging that a greater being exists and that we must reconigize that we're here with a purpose higher than ourselves

2) REMEMBERING - the second step is to remember that we're all spiritual beings living in a physical body. Inside all of us is a deep loving heart and that we need to surrender to the greater process we were born for.

3) RELEASING EXPECTATIONS - too often we put too much weight and pressure on ourselves. We believe that we have so much more control over our outcome then we actually do. When we surrender and remember that we're part of a bigger process this allows to let go of some of the pressure that we put on ourselves.

It's by following this process that we can begin to reconnect with our inner child. And if that feels too spiritual for you, you can start with an old photo of yourself to see what impact the photo has on you. What does your old self say to you? What needs are you neglecting?

It's in this process we can begin to heal and move forward.

Because as we've seen through the results that Adam has with his work, when we embrace self-development, self-love and self-discovery there are positive impacts to be embraced. And it's not just better grades.

Check out the podcast to hear more.

7 Things You'll Takeaway

- why Adam believes in heart centred entrepreneurship
- the impact personal development, self-love and self-discovery is having on children @ 19:45
- what triggered Adam's subconscious belief that he needed to be "fixed" @ 34:30
- the importance of forgiveness in creating new space @ 42:30
- Adam's recipe for connecting back in with your inner child @ 47:30
- why we should step into our hearts and our pain @ 53:15
- the value of giving yourself recognition you deserve @ 100:00

Connect with Adam

Instagram - @renewchange

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E.50 - How Priorities Rebuilt this Millionaire - Brian Scrone

June 25, 2017

Brian Scrone is a real estate mogul. His company Jax Investments has done over $100 million in deals.

In 2008, Brian went from riches to rags. Being a multi-millionaire prior to the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis, Brian struggled to put food on the table after the market bottomed out.

This led Brian to rebuild his business and LIFE more successfully than before, and write What Matters Most - which hit #1 in the self-help & motivation category on Amazon.

Brain is also the founder of Family Board Meetings, a company which strengthens the relationships parents have with their children by organizing family meetings on surf boards.

I brought Brian onto the podcast because I wanted him to share his story of bottoming out in 2008 and what changed afterwards. I wanted him to talk about his book "What Matters Most" and how his priorities shifted through what he learned going through the 2008 market crash. We get into this and much, much more during the podcast.

The Walkaway - Congruence and Priorities are Critical to Being the "You" Imagine

If there is one word that I will remember from my conversation with Brian it will be congruence.

Congruence is critical because the life we believe we're living does not always align with the actual life we're actually living. This is where we need to reflect if we're living congruently.

For example, Brain talked about when he worked with a high powered entrepreneur who identified himself as a "family man" yet he was working 14 hours a day and on the verge of divorce.

How is it possible to identify yourself as a family man when you're not at home with your family?

This is an example of misaligned priorities and we're all vulnerable to fall to this trap. So often we believe we're acting one way and yet we show up completely different in the world.

This is why the 5Fs are so important to Brian - Fitness, Family, Friends, Finance and Faith.

We talk about how Brian schedules these into his day and what actions he takes to ensure he's living the 5Fs.

It's these actions that allow Brain to live congruently with himself and ensure he's living in alignment with his true priorities.

During the podcast we talk at great length about the importance of these and why they are critical to his newfound success. He also paints a picture of what his life was like without them and it's not one he is proud of.

We talk about Brain's turnaround and the importance the 5Fs played in it. Check out the podcast to hear more.

What You Will Walkaway With

- What does a life with priorities look like versus a life without priorities? @ 7:45
- What hitting rock bottomed looked like for Brian @ 10:45
- Brian's viewpoint on what it means to be human @ 16:15
- How Brian practices self-love and his advice for you on it @ 19:15
- The conversation and reframe that changed Brian's life @ 23:00
- What happens when you open up and forgive yourself @ 30:00
- the 5Fs and their importance @ 32:00
- How Brian got into real estate @ 44:15
- Where did he get the money to start @ 50:15
- And much, much more

Connect with Brian

Website - www.brianscrone.com

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- Phillip McKernan
- One Last Talk
- Family Board Meetings


E.49 - Gun to Your Head: From Gun Point to Car Crash - Paul Lam

June 19, 2017

Paul Lam is the host of the Pathhunters podcast and author of Gun to Your Head: From Gun Point to Crash which hit #1 on Amazon during it's debut.

I brought Paul onto the podcast to chat about the book, his launch and the events he chose to write about.

I was blown away by how deep and real Paul got in the book. From sharing about the abortion he went through with his girlfriend, to being robbed at gunpoint, to losing his car in an accident.

Paul shares about the impact all these events had on him and how he was able to overcome them.

The One Thing to Takeaway - Face Your Advertises

In the podcast, we dive into depth how Paul has been able to overcome adversity in his life. During the conversation, Paul shared his 3 step process.

1 - Let Go. The first step is to begin letting go of the event and letting yourself know that you will move on. It doesn't matter how difficult or challenging it may seem, you will move forward. Or as Paul said "this too will pass" a quote I remind myself of regularly. 

2 - Be Present To It - one of the most important parts to letting an incident go is being present to it. Not allowing it to hold too much weight against you.

This will allow you to come to peace with it as opposed to trying to run away from it.

3 - Reach Out To People - Paul says one of the most important things you can do is to reach out to others for support. Share what you're going through and be willing to ask for help.

For Paul it meant writing a book about the difficult moments he's gone through in his life. He wanted to make these experiences an opportunity for others to learn.

This may not be the path for everyone but reaching out to someone and letting them know what's happening is immensely beneficial to overcoming our adversities.

Seven Things You'll Takeaway

  • the promise Paul made to himself when he was being mugged at gunpoint
  • what was the most difficult aspect of the abortion?
  • what's changed for Paul since being mugged at gunpoint
  • Paul's process for overcoming adversity
  • what is a PathHunter?
  • the deeper purpose behind Paul's podcast and his motivation
  • and much, much more

Connect With Paul

Instagram - @pathhunters

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- Theresa Gagnon


E.48 - Shift Your Brain: Chaos to Harmony - Marc Amerigo

June 12, 2017

Marc Amerigo is an engineer, international speaker, and pioneer of the Brain Shift Method.

He was the lead engineer for the Red Barron team which holds the downhill mountain bike speed record at 228 km/hr. 

He has been hired by companies like Coca Cola, BP Oil, Exxon Mobile and many others. He brings his technical experience into high stress, masculine environment but puts an interesting spin on them by additionally addressing emotion and the connection of the group. A focus which incorporates emotional intelligence something that is not usually brought into those environments or by engineers.

Marc's Brain Shift Method looks at taking chaos and turning it into harmony by looking at our environment for information to gain inspiration and create solutions for our problems.

Marc has been hired by companies like Coca Cola, BP Oil, Exxon Mobile and many others. He brings his technical experience into high stress, masculine environment but puts an interesting spin on them by additionally addressing emotion and the connection of the group. A focus which incorporates emotional intelligence something that is not usually brought into those environments or by engineers.

I brought Marc onto the podcast for exactly that reason to talk about emotional intelligence and his experience of addressing emotion in high stress, masculine environments where emotion is typical unaddressed or unwelcome.

Marc shares some highly interesting insights on this, why this is important and how world records are not achieved without addressing the emotional side.

The Walkaway

The one thing I walked away with from this podcast is Marc's approach to looking at his environment or as he's called it the Brain Shift Method.

Our environment does have a lot of information. It leaves little bits of clues and information. Where that's through our rational thought or our emotional body our mind is constantly feeding us information.

Marc says the first step is to take a step back to process this information. He even talks about how he had 20 men stop to focus on their breathing and listen to the birds near a nuclear reactor, a place that is not so pleasant. But for Marc this is integral, taking a moment to step back to understand what information is around in the environment around us.

The second step is innovation. Taking the information that is around us and figuring out what tools are available to us or what tools do we need to create to be able to move forward. This is where tapping into creativity is key as he mentions.

And the final step to start using the tools. To begin to move forward based on the information you've received from your environment to take chaos and turn it into harmony.

As Marc said in the podcast, chaos is only a state with nature and there is beauty in chaos. We must be able to piece together the chaos in order to be to extract the information we require to move forward.

What Else Will You Takeaway:

  • How interconnected we are as groups 
  • The importance of leadership 
  • How Marc is able to bring sensorial and emotional wisdom into hyper-masculine and chaotic environments? 
  • Why is you miss emotions you will the miss the mark 
  • Marc's personal explanation of the Brain Shift Method 
  • How to lead a tribe 
  • How Marc is able to interconnect people in stressful environments 
  • And much, much more 

Connect With Marc 

Mentioned in the Podcast


E.47 - Improving Your Day to Day By Releasing Your Attachments - Theresa Gagnon

June 5, 2017

Theresa Gagnon is the owner/operator of Yoga Source Studio. Yoga Source is one of the best yoga studios I've discovered in my life based on aesthetics, energy and the ambience it creates for it's students.

I brought Theresa onto the show because I wanted to share her Yoga philosophies and perspective on life with you. She is one of my favourite instructors ever, and I have found her insights highly supportive along my journey.

I felt having her on the show would be valuable for others and my community.

The One Takeaway - Let Go of Your Attachments to Allow Yourself to Fully Develop

Throughout the podcast, Theresa spoke again and again about letting go. Letting go of the physiologically, mentally, spirituality, attachments that define us.

We've all adopted certain beliefs about ourselves from our life and the environment we were born into. Some of us may have adopted stronger ideologies from our parents or religion depending on how we were raised.

In the Four Agreements, Miguel Miz discusses this and talks about creating a clean slate - coming into the world with a fresh start. Not bringing our past experiences, judgements or bias into our day to day.

Theresa talks about the importance of letting go of these experiences, and judgements that define you, including the religion, beliefs or dogma that you were born into.

These lenses continue to have an impact on you and are the reason why you fail to express yourself fully physically, emotionally and sexually in the world.

In order to be happier and live our truest expression, we must be willing to let go of the experiences that are holding us back.

As long as we continue to hold onto our past beliefs and are attached to our past, they will only continue to define us. And our potential, our capabilities will only continue to be stunted.

7 Things You'll Learn in this Podcast

- Theresa's method for how she found herself through life @ 4:33
- What is Dharma and are you living yours? @ 8:39
- the 5 Yamas - the ethical precepts of yoga: Ahimsa, Satya, Aparigraha, Asteya & Brahmacharya @ 14:05
- Who is the Intrepid Voyageur and why it's important to you? @ 27:56
- How Theresa didn't give up on her dream and what she learned from it? @ 36:25
- How we store emotional pain in our body & what does it mean? @ 42:30
- How suppressing parts of beings is impacting you? @ 55:25

Connect with Theresa

Yoga Source Website

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E.46 - Why Emulating Your Heros Won’t Bring You Success - Jay Wong

May 9, 2017

 I brought Jay onto the show because he's amazing (I want to stop writing there and let you guys discover that for yourself but I'm not going to be a dick).

Jay has been immensely supportive on my journey. He is the executive producer and host of the Inner Changemaker Podcast.

In a little over 2 years, he's been able to start generating over $100,000 in revenue through his show and he recently sold his first business Toronto Internet Marketers.

I wanted Jay to share more about how he abandoned the 9 to 5 to discover his unique ability and what's allowed him to succeed. 

7 Things You'll Takeaway

- the importance of building a team around you @ 7:40
- How Jay discovered his unique ability @ 16:45
- What motivated Jay to go vagabonding and what Jay learned about himself in the process @ 30:40
- How learning Mandarin shifted Jay's life and what it taught him on a meta level @ 33:30
- The importance of running mini-experiments in your life @ 37:10
- Why emulating your heroes won't make you succeed @ 47:10
- The exercises that helped Jay figure how he was going to bring his unique gifts to the world @ 50:10
- And much, much more.

Connect with Jay

Inner ChangeMaker Podcast
JayWong TV

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  • Debbie Millman interview on the Tim Ferriss Show - one of my favourite Tim Ferriss podcast episodes ever and it was also Tim Ferriss' all-time highly downloaded
  • Paul Lam - my brother from another mother. This man is making a dent in the universe by interviewing guests on his podcast The PathHunters and inspiring his tribe to pursue their path
  • Kolbe Index - we talk quite a bit about this throughout the episode. Tune in and you'll learn more.
  • Better Than Before - the book I'm reading currently. At first I was not a huge fan and now it's growing on me. A perfect example of peeling back the layers. We all have things that grow on us.
  • Gretchen Rubin - author of Better Than Before and the Happiness Project
  • Stickkk.com - how I get 95% of my goals done
  • Align and Accelerate - the online course I created that's complete badassry and can help you in crushing your goals
  • Dan Sullivan - one of Jay's first mentors
  • JuVan Langford - this man popped up during our conversation when we discussed clarity. Of course he would. This man is the master of it. You can hear my podcast with him here.
  • Phillip McKernan - this beauty popped in our conversation as Jay talks about how we always know - it's more about how clear are we? A lesson he learned from Phillip McKernan. My podcast with him here.
  • Calvin Simpson - Another beauty of a human being. You can listen to when I was on his show here.
  • Strategic Coach - where Jay got to learn from some of the best coaches in the world before heading off vagabonding in China to figure out how he was going to contribute his "unique ability" to the world
  • Artist's Way - Julia Cameron - the book that provided Jay with exercises during his vagabonding trip in China. We talk a fair bit about the brain dumping exercises he did while travelling which you can hear more about in the podcast
  • Jay's Time Square YouTube Video - at the end of the podcast we chat a bit about when Jay was featured at Dundas Square aka the Time Square of Toronto. You can check out the video here.



E.45 - How to Authentically Connect with People - David Brower

May 1, 2017

 My guest this time around is David Brower. David worked in the entertainment industry for 20 years. He worked with Disney and headed world movie premieres in Europe and the Middle East for IMAX.

After 20 years in entertainment, David decided to switch career paths. Today he is the man behind the Alivefulness Movement and founder of Sensorial Experience Days.

I brought David onto the show to talk about how we can connect with people deeply and authentically through our heart versus our mind.

David's Sensorial Experience Days take people on a journey of learning to connect more authentically with themselves and those around them. I wanted David to share his experiences and how we can have deeper more meaningful connections in our day to day life.

The Big Takeaway - Be Open To Giving and You Shall Receive

David is a master at connecting with people. In his early 20's he packed up his bags from the USA and moved to France having only taken 2 semesters of classes.

David began to learn the language by submersing himself with French speaking friends. He knew that if he found ex-pats, English speaking friends, he would never discover what he came to find.

By forcing himself out of his comfort zone, he learned things about himself and how to connect with people even without knowing the language.

In the episode, we get into David's strategy for connecting authentically. David shares his formula when he attends conferences/networking events and how he personally creates relationships with people he meets.

From my calculations, he gave 10 steps that he does to ensure to create more serendipitous connections in his life.

I highly recommend listening to this part of the podcast if you only have 10 minutes. You can hear this part starting at the 23-minute mark.

7 Things You'll Takeaway

- What David focuses on to ensure he's making decisions that align with him @ 6:00
- How to connect more authentically with a person @ 13:00
- How to prepare yourself for interacting with people @ 17:00
- David's Game plan for conferences/networking events and connection (you definitely want to hear this part) @ 23:00
- Why he moved to Paris and did a life reset @ 37:15
- David's unique style of learning French and what that taught him about connection/life @ 45:45
- Questions to ask yourself before going off on a one-way trip to discover yourself @ 53:15
- And much much more

Connect With David

Facebook - David
Alivefulness Facebook
David's Website

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E.44 - How Three Guys Took a Shot at Their Dream & What Happened

April 24, 2017

"The opposite of fear is love. Love of the challenge. Love of the work. The pure joyous passion to take a shot at our dream and see if we can pull it off."

-Steven Pressfield


This episode is a little bit different. Instead of me interviewing a guest, we did a collaborative podcast.

What is a collaborative podcast? Well, let me tell you.

On this episode, Calvin Simpson, Paul Lam and myself all sit down to tell you about taking a shot at our dreams.

In the last 2 years, all 3 of us have started podcasts. We’ve put aside the conventional and have decided to travel the path less traveled.

In this episode, we share about our journey thus far and what it’s like being digital entrepreneurs.

Backstory For This Episode

Recently the three of us were part of a mastermind group. For 4 months we all met every week, online to learn from our coach, Jay Wong, about how to grow our podcasts.

Jay runs the Innerchange Maker podcast and has revenue of +$100,000/annually so he’s the type of mentor we knew could take us to the next level.

As Tony Robbins says, instead of figuring everything out yourself, find someone who has cracked the riddle and model them. That was exactly the point of this mastermind.

For Jay to share his insight and wisdom with us. And for us to model and duplicate with our own audiences.

At the end of 4 months of meeting online every week, the three of us thought it would be a great idea to meet in person as we all live in different parts of the country.

We decided to all meet in Toronto to see Jayson Gaignard speak on how to build a 7 figure business through networking.

So that’s what we did. We booked an AirBnb, made travel plans and met in Toronto.

When we finally gathered we thought it would be great to have all three of us do a podcast together. Because if 3 podcasters meet under one roof, what else would we do?

7 Things You’ll Learn

  • Why not you?
  • How to meet the most amount of people at networking events and get out of conversations you don’t want to be in
  • How fear is connected to your self-worth
  • The amount of money you need to retire (and it depends all based on how luxurious a lifestyle you want but there is still a set way to figure out this number)
  • Why we each love podcasting
  • Who are “unsong heros” and why you should celebrate them
  • The most important messages we want to share with the world
  • And much, much more.

We want to hear from you. So message us to let us know your thoughts on this episode!!! Contact info below!

Mentioned in the Podcast



E.43 - JuVan Langford - Tell A Story That Serves You

April 17, 2017

JuVan Langford is a men’s empowerment coach or as he describes himself “I do whatever it takes.”

JuVan runs the Elevation Effect, a program specialized for men that he does all over the world. He has 2 coaching programs, the Elevated Man Academy and Choose Higher, both designed to support men.

He also runs the Men Tour, where he works with middle-aged boys in schools across Los Angeles. And lastly, he has a YouTube video series called “Thought Life.”

Simply put JuVan specializes in grooming the minds of men and boys.

I brought JuVan onto the show because he has been transformational in my journey. I would not have been able to come forward with my sexuality, about being bisexual, if it was not for JuVan.

I didn’t bring JuVan onto the show for only that reason, I know JuVan has been transformational to hundreds and thousands of men around the world, and I wanted you to hear from him directly.

The Big Takeaway - Tell A Story that Serves You

One of my favorite sayings that I’ve heard from JuVan again and again is:

“If you’re going to tell yourself a story, we may as well tell ourselves a story that serves you and supports other people.”

When we accept this mindset, we take responsibility for the story we’re telling ourselves.

When we take on ownership of our story, we’re forced to confront the dark and scary parts of ourselves that are no longer serving us.

For JuVan it was “I’m afraid of men”. Saying that was much easier than having to confront men.

For me, it was much easier to live in secrecy and shame with my double life than to admit I had sexual attractions to men.

When we take ownership of our story, we forced to confront these dark and scary parts of our past. By facing our past, we forced to resolve emotional wounds.

Resolution creates space. And space creates new possibilities.

This is the beginning of healing. The beginning of forgiveness.

As JuVan said in the podcast, forgiveness is:

“Forgiveness is letting go of the idea that things, including people, could have been any different than they were.”

We must come to terms with the fact that things happened exactly as they were meant to be. And nothing should have occurred any differently.

When we do this, we begin to accept. And acceptance leads to responsibility. Responsibility of the story we’re telling ourselves.

There can be no movement forward with the weight of the past dragging us down. And in the cases we do move forward, it’s highly obstructed by the weight being dragged with us.

When we become “100% responsible for 50% of anything we find ourselves in” - that’s when we begin taking ownership. Ownership leads to space. Space leads to healing. And healing leads to us telling a story that serves us.

7 Things You’ll Takeaway

  • Key to breaking through your mommy/daddy issues, scarcity or financial barrier @ 6:20
  • The most influential person JuVan had growing up @ 9:25
  • The 4 pain points JuVan finds with men around the world @ @ 12:20
  • How we verbally abuse ourselves and how this shows up in relationships @ 15:45
  • How everything is available to you @ 26:20
  • The first step to clarity @ 28:30
  • Telling a story that serves you and forgiveness @ 32:30
  • And much, much more

Contact JuVan

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