E.45 - How to Authentically Connect with People - David Brower

May 1, 2017

 My guest this time around is David Brower. David worked in the entertainment industry for 20 years. He worked with Disney and headed world movie premieres in Europe and the Middle East for IMAX.

After 20 years in entertainment, David decided to switch career paths. Today he is the man behind the Alivefulness Movement and founder of Sensorial Experience Days.

I brought David onto the show to talk about how we can connect with people deeply and authentically through our heart versus our mind.

David's Sensorial Experience Days take people on a journey of learning to connect more authentically with themselves and those around them. I wanted David to share his experiences and how we can have deeper more meaningful connections in our day to day life.

The Big Takeaway - Be Open To Giving and You Shall Receive

David is a master at connecting with people. In his early 20's he packed up his bags from the USA and moved to France having only taken 2 semesters of classes.

David began to learn the language by submersing himself with French speaking friends. He knew that if he found ex-pats, English speaking friends, he would never discover what he came to find.

By forcing himself out of his comfort zone, he learned things about himself and how to connect with people even without knowing the language.

In the episode, we get into David's strategy for connecting authentically. David shares his formula when he attends conferences/networking events and how he personally creates relationships with people he meets.

From my calculations, he gave 10 steps that he does to ensure to create more serendipitous connections in his life.

I highly recommend listening to this part of the podcast if you only have 10 minutes. You can hear this part starting at the 23-minute mark.

7 Things You'll Takeaway

- What David focuses on to ensure he's making decisions that align with him @ 6:00
- How to connect more authentically with a person @ 13:00
- How to prepare yourself for interacting with people @ 17:00
- David's Game plan for conferences/networking events and connection (you definitely want to hear this part) @ 23:00
- Why he moved to Paris and did a life reset @ 37:15
- David's unique style of learning French and what that taught him about connection/life @ 45:45
- Questions to ask yourself before going off on a one-way trip to discover yourself @ 53:15
- And much much more

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